What you Should Know About Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos do insane things just to attract new visitors and to increase the number of plays. Welcome bonuses of hundreds of percents, decent no deposit bonuses, promos and limited special offers as well as demo accounts and special offers for local NZ players. But not all no deposit bonuses are created equal. The best online casino bonuses and the fraudulent or cheaty ones are hard to distinguish between unless you are experienced in online gambling.

The creators of this website once were inexperienced gamblers too. Now, we are not. Playing in online casinos since the very dawn of online gambling, we know all the tricks unfair casinos use to steal your money. So we created NewZealandCasinoGuide.com – a definitive guide in the wild sea of online casinos. Here, you can learn what is a no deposit online casino bonus, what are the best bonuses and the best casinos offering them, and also a number of unobvious matters you should be definitely aware of before accepting any no deposit offer.

600+ Games
  • x3 deposit bonuses up to NZ$1,000
  • total bonus NZ$ 1000
450+ Games
  • 100% Bonus on the 1st deposit up to NZ$ 750
  • total bonus NZ$750
670+ Games
  • 4x deposit bonuses up to NZ$ 1,600
  • total bonus NZ$ 1,600
570+ Games
  • Double Deposit bonus up to NZ$ 350
  • total bonus NZ$ 350
950+ Games
  • x3 deposit bonuses up to NZ$ 800

Best casinos offering no deposit bonuses

Below you will find a rated list of the top notch casinos offering the best bonus. Not only this, but we also check if the no deposit bonus is fair, reasonable and easy to reclaim. The idea of this list is to provide our visitors with quality information about the firm and reliable online casino bonuses that is unbiased, fair and is updated regularly. We share our experience with you. The list below compresses the info into an easy to comprehend table, while detailed reviews provide a more in-depth look into each particular casino and its bonuses. Enjoy!


What’s a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a certain amount of money you receive for free just as you register at the casino. This is usually quite small sums, around $10-$30, but some casinos may occasionally offer more. While other bonuses usually require you to make some deposit to your online casino account, no deposit bonuses are provided “as is”, that is with no deposit.

What are the benefits of online casino no deposit bonus?

The advantage is clear: you get some money pro bono and can start playing at a casino in a blink. Since you don’t have to make a deposit first, you can easily evaluate all the games in the online casino and see if you want to play there for real stakes.

What are drawbacks of no deposit bonuses?

There are two of them: a) these free money aren’t actually free; b) you can’t win a lot using the no deposit bonus as a starter. Basically, these are two sides of the same coin. A no deposit bonus is offered by an online casino to drag you into play. They don’t want you to immediately withdraw your free bonus the next minute after you received it (and will never allow that). You will have to play and play a lot to claim your bonus. By itself, that’s not bad. After all, you visit an online casino to play and a no deposit bonus just allows you to do that without throwing in any money. However, online casinos in New Zealand or outside often limit the maximum prize you can claim as long as you won it with the no deposit bonus. It’s a shame when you win a whole $500 and can only cashout $50-60 of them at max.

Finding the best casino bonuses online

There are hundreds of online casinos in NZ only. Thousands of them are available all over the world. What are the best casino bonuses and how to choose them? The first way is a path of trials and errors. Find a casino, get an account there, make deposits and play games. And as soon as you face a problem, you switch to another casino running through all the steps all over again. The second way is to find a reputable online casino rating and carefully read this resource. You see, here at NewZealandCasinoGuide.com you find the best advices on no deposit bonuses, unbiased casino reviews highlighting hidden pitfalls of certain casino bonuses, as well as the best time-limited casino bonuses in 2015.

Use our guides as a simple yet effective way to gamble at the most reliable and trustworthy online casinos and benefit from the best no deposit bonuses whatsoever.