New Zealand is a promised land of online gambling. Thanks to liberal laws and smart tax policy online casinos in New Zealand are in great abundance. Many of them are offering great payouts and large selection of games, which means you can have a solid few hours of pure adrenaline and excitement. Provided NZ online casinos do allow playing for real money, so no wonder the land of Kiwi attracts multiple online gambling lovers. 

Although, picking a specific casino can be tough. For an inexperienced user, they all look pretty much the same: same slogans, same promises, even the same games. How to select the best online casino in New Zealand then? We inspect hundreds of online gambling resources in NZ and provide you with a thorough report about their legitimacy, payout rate, banking options as well as about possible hassles, wins and loses, strengths and weaknesses. By reading our online casino reviews you will quickly get yourself into the theme if you are new, while the rated top-10 list of the best online casinos according to our site helps you stay with reliable and trustworthy casinos only.

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3 jackpot city670+Gamesx4 deposit bonuses up to NZ $1,600 total bonus NZ $1600⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
4 gaming club570+GamesDouble Deposit bonus up to NZ $350total bonus NZ $350⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
5 guts950+Gamesx3 deposit bonuses up to NZ $800⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit

How the selection is done?

The best casinos are those that are experts found doing the best of all. We value multiple various factors before a casino is put to our list. If a casino claims to have a payout of 96%, we check it. If a casino touts 24/7 support, we test it. We review each and every detail of the casino’s operation including such crucial factors as deposit and withdrawal of funds. Yes, that’s right. We literally put in our money to see how fast a casino deposits them to the account, and then after playing some games and fulfilling playthrough conditions, we attempt to make a cashout. If the attempt succeeds, we reflect this in our review. Otherwise, such a casino automatically leaves our rating.

Who are

We are a team of gambling professionals from NZ. Some of us have been in the industry for decades. We love online casinos, we love all kind of games they offer and we certainly like the easiness a completely newbie can start playing and winning huge sums in roulette, take a mega jackpot in pokies or draw a straight flush in poker. That’s really amazing. Unfortunately, in recent years the online casino field in New Zealand has been spoiled by many scam casinos. The popping up like mushrooms, and doing nothing but cheat and steal money from unaware visitors. In order to filter out such garbage casinos we ran this rating. We take online casinos that offer games for real money, we review them and deliver our online casino guides to you. Just add water.


Are online casinos for real money legal?

In New Zealand, matters of online gambling are regulated by Gambling Act 2003. While it prohibits NZ citizens from playing on a casino located on the territory of or operated from New Zealand, it clearly doesn’t prohibit playing in foreign online casinos. Players hold no responsibility for this and therefore are free to play for real money and any online casinos outside of NZ. And since most of top online casinos are outside of New Zealand and are governed and controlled by foreign companies, the answer to the legitimacy question is yes.

Is it safe to play online?

As long as you prefer online proven and legitimate online casinos in NZ, the answer is yes. You see, the dangers of playing online are mostly caused by fraudulent or fishing scam casinos that steal private or financial data from user accounts including credit card numbers. At the same time, if you play in a reputable authoritative casino that has all the required certificates, you are not risking anything. Well, except your bet, of course. But that’s the point of a casino after all, doesn’t it?

Can I place bets in New Zealand dollars?

For an online casino in New Zealand, support for local currency and payment methods is a must. And reputable casino owners understand this, believe us. Their goal is to attract as many users as they can, so the casino will offer whole plenty of banking options including local ones. If you want to pay with Kiwi dollars, that’s totally up to you. Choosing a casino from our top-10 list, you’ll hardly find one that doesn’t support NZ dollars.

Are NZ players are limited in number or quality of games?

Absolutely not. The majority of New Zealand online casinos use the same casino engines as any other online gambling sites all over the world. This means online casino games in NZ are effectively the same as anywhere else in terms of graphics, quality, design and prizes. And you can get the same fun and adrenaline from gambling.

What are the basics of online gambling in New Zealand?

It’s hard to compress all the info into one or two paragraphs, but we’ll try. The golden rule of any gambler, whether he or she plays online or in a brick and mortar casino, is the following: never gamble for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling isn’t work or business. It is gambling, a game of chance. Someday you are lucky, the other day you are not. Playing in a casino for real money is undoubtedly an exciting experience, but try to gather yourself and not bet more than you have. Many people busted all savings they had in pokies or in roulette. Don’t repeat their mistake.

The other important thing to consider is bonuses. They are two-sided coins. On one hand you can really benefit from welcome and no deposit bonuses online casinos in NZ offer to you. On the other hand, bonuses are the hook to catch a player and make him or her continue betting and depositing funds. Casinos wouldn’t offer bonuses if they were not beneficial to the casino foremost. Don’t be bedazzled by high bonus values, check and re-check conditions in casinos’ legal agreements and terms to understand what you actually receive. Or simply read the best NZ online casinos reviews at!