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Live Roulette in Online Casinos

Watching the ball dancing on the roulette wheel before it stops on some number is probably one of the most exciting things on the planet. The gambling fever captures instantly, and you feel adrenaline rushing through your veins. And if the ball stops on your number – you are more than lucky. In 2015, there’s a great alternative to real roulette and a real ball – live online roulette. A casino that offers roulette game isn’t rare. Yet, live roulette games are still the prerogative of the most reputable and popular casinos in New Zealand. 

The attractiveness of roulette is explained easily. Simple rules of this game and large variety of ways to bet make it ideal to spend few hours and few hundreds of spare dollars. Online roulette is no way worse than it’s real counterpart. In fact, given the fact that you can play online from your home, it’s even better.

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2 ruby450+Games100% Bonus on the 1st deposit up to NZ$ 750total bonus NZ$750⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
3 jackpot city670+Games4x deposit bonuses up to NZ$ 1,600total bonus NZ$ 1,600⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
4 gaming club570+GamesDouble Deposit bonus up to NZ$ 350total bonus NZ$ 350⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
5 guts950+Gamesx3 deposit bonuses up to NZ$ 800⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit

How to find the best free online roulette?

Many online casinos offer roulette for free. That may sound ridiculous for an uninformed person, but it’s true. Free roulette spins are a common practice to attract new visitors to a casino, so almost all of them offer some kind of that promo. At the same time, free cheese rarely ends up being tasty. To help you settle with the best casino roulette game, we compiled the list of the top online casinos rated by payout, banking options, bonuses, availability and responsiveness of their technical support and quality of graphics and games. In other words, we tested virtually everything, and now we present a definitive Top-10 list of NZ casinos where you can play roulette online safely and with utmost fun.


How to play roulette online?

There is more than one answer to this question. Roulette is simple yet attractive game not only because it is really captivating experience to watch the ball running directly to your number, but also because the game offers a lot of ways to win. You can play safe and bet on black or red (ever heard of the martingale strategy?). You can aim for a bigger stake if you bet on a single number. Or you can find a compromise way to bet and still have a lot of fun.

What’s the difference between European and American roulette?

The difference is in a slightly lower house edge of the European roulette comparing with the American one. You can play roulette based on European or American rules in most of online casinos in New Zealand.

What should I know about free roulette games?

Basically, free roulette is a promo for a casino and a way to play some games for free for a user. It seems like a win-win situation except that you can’t actually win anything in free roulette. Treat this option as a testing ground for your betting strategies, not as a way to grab a big roll.

Should I prefer live online casino roulette?

Live roulette works the same way as a purely digital one except that it is real to an extent. There is a real roulette table, a real dealer, and a real ball he or she spins. Strategies are the same, chances and possible wins are the same too. So, this is kind of up to you and your preferences, whether you want to play with a live dealer. Some of us really like that feeling of a real casino, that’s why this option is so popular today.

Is playing online roulette is legal in NZ?

Don’t worry, you aren’t violating anything. Gambling laws in New Zealand are strict both towards casinos and gamblers. Fortunately, the Gambling Act 2003 covers only online casinos that are registered and operated from NZ. And the majority of gambling websites are registered in other countries and are not subject to NZ laws. In practice, this means we, gamblers, can freely play our favorite roulette games online without any fears of being prosecuted for that. Moreover, many casino websites try to make our lives simpler by providing NZ-specific ways to deposit funds to a casino account and to withdraw winnings. Playing roulette there is safe as the reputable casinos from the above Top-10 list are certified and tested for fair gambling and quality of the software by independent international gambling organizations.

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