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Specifics of Online Gambling in New Zealand

Abundance of online gambling sites today creates a semblance of wide choice available to an average user who wants to spend some spare dollars in an online casino. Yet the real situation is worse than it seems. Yes, there are hundreds of online gambling resources across the Web, but about 70% of them smell fishy. If you don’t want to fall a victim of a scam website merely disguised as a casino, you should pay close attention to selection criteria of the best online gambling sites.

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3 jackpot city670+Games4x deposit bonuses up to NZ$ 1,600total bonus NZ$ 1,600⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
4 gaming club570+GamesDouble Deposit bonus up to NZ$ 350total bonus NZ$ 350⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Visit
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What are the criteria of the best gambling sites? 

At we believe they are as follows. The first and probably the most important sign of a trustworthy and legitimate casino is an online gambling certificate issued by specialized organizations. eCOGRA is one of such organizations. Online gambling is a competitive industry, so as soon as a casino receives an eCOGRA certificate it will do its best to stay certified. For us, simple NZ gamblers this means if we see an eCOGRA certificate published, such a casino is most likely safe to gamble online.

The next important criterion is quality software. Such reputable gambling platforms as Microgaming and Gametech are designed with extreme attention to details, are tested by millions of users and are generally more safe and secure to play compared to less popular platforms. 

Then, the next thing you should take into account is fast cashout. You don’t want end up waiting for months to receive your honest prize, do you? That’s why this factor is crucial. If you can’t withdraw your money quickly, you put yourself to a disadvantageous situation. On the contrary, if a casino allows you to have your winnings faster, you will be more than satisfied, and probably will return to this casino once more.

Finally, in New Zealand online gambling websites should provide support for local banking options and, of course, NZ support and phone numbers, because nobody wants making an international call if something goes wrong. evaluates hundreds of gambling websites available online and delivers a verdict – a rated top-10 list of the best online gambling sites in New Zealand. Not only do we take into account factors mentioned above; we also consider many hidden things an average user is simply unaware of. As a result, you receive the most unbiased and accurate rating of gambling sites online.


Is online gambling legal in NZ?

Kiwi land doesn’t allow owning, operating or visiting online gambling websites or brick and mortar casinos. The law is very clear at that, but with a significant exclusion: only NZ websites are subject to the Gambling Act 2003. These are great news for New Zealand citizens who want to play roulette, blackjack or pokies, because luckily most of really great online gambling websites are located outside of NZ.

Are my data safe when I gamble online?

A non-scam gambling site will never steal your data, that’s would be too costly in the long term. Such a casino would instantly lose its license and therefore instantly render its entire gambling business illegitimate. A reputable casino won’t do this. But you should pay attention nevertheless. When you enter your payment data, make sure the website you’re on is secured. The HTTPS protocol is a must. Check if there’s a lock icon in the browser’s address bar. Also, don’t believe fake e-mails as if sent by an online casino and don’t click any links in such e-mails. If the message implies some kind of special offers, open that website by manually typing its address in the browser and check if that’s really so.

What are online gambling options I have in New Zealand?

In fact, gambling options in New Zealand are immense. Whether you want to tease a one-arm bandit, or make some draws in poker, or even if you prefer French roulette, in New Zealand you can find virtually any online gambling opportunity. Pokies and roulette, baccarat and poker, dozens of table games, a passionate gambler will easily find a way to rattle his or her nerves.

Any pitfalls I should know about?

There are some. Most of them are related to withdrawal of your wins. When you want to cashout, there’s a wagering multiplier – a certain amount of times you should cover a welcome bonus before you actually can withdraw it. The option of depositing without a bonus is rarely featured on gambling websites. Casinos want to drag you into play, so they offer bonuses and free spins. But as soon as you want to get what’s yours, they say no, you should win 20-50 times more before we allow you to do this. Read our reviews carefully to quickly find out all such hidden traps of online gambling.

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